Odd, Bookish, and Popular Social Networking Websites


Here’s a list of social networking websites which I personally think are either odd (in a fun, gawkish sort of way) or bookish (great for writerly types). I also threw in ones I know are popular enough (or advertised enough [<-there’s a lesson to be learned from that, I’ll figure it out later]) to warrant a mention. I’ve only used a few of these, (I won’t tell you which ones) nevertheless, I can personally guarantee that all of them are major time-sucks.

Now back to that lesson thing. Advertising. Social networking. Selling books.

Are there any writers or authors reading this? Good! I’ve figured it out and I’m sure you have too:

aNobii– Find, shelve, and share books.

aSmallWorldLa di da. This is for the European jet set and world-wide social élitists. BTW, it’s invitation only. In your face, jet set and social élite wannabes!

blauk– Anonymously let others know what you thought of that anonymous stranger. Confess your secret crush. Insult your friends and neighbors. The Jersey Shore of social networking websites, except it’s anonymous (Snooki’s ghost writer hones her writing skills here). Age 10+ only, please.

Care2– Get your green living and social activism on at this petition-heavy network. For tree-huggers and left-leaners.

classmates.com– Connect with former or current institutionalees and institutionalizers. Share your stories of institutionalization. Age 18+ only, please.

dailybooth– Obsessed with your appearance? Like to take pics of yourself? Go here.

Daily Strength– Lean on me, I’ll lean on you. Mental and physical health support community.

delicious– Discover, share, and store your favorite websites on this website.

disaboom– Disabled? Find support and friendship within an online disabled community.

facebook– Get bombarded with endless game and quiz invites, and get your personal info put on display against your will at the same time. For mental masochists. Age 13+ only, please.

flickr– Photo-hosting and networking. Age 13+ only, please.

foursquare– Make a game of location-based networking. Mobile.

früehstüeckstreff.de (frühstückstreff)- What?? Yoüe’re not on früehstüeckstreff.de (frühstückstreff)?? That früehcking süecks. Müest live in Eüerope or Aüestralia, and müest be a hüengry morning person.

G+– Share info and read info via circles (segregated groups). You can’t stop the Google. Must have a Google account. Age 13+ or 18+ only, please (you choose).

gays.com– Get your gay on. Network with other LGBTs. Review and read about the LGBT scene.

goodreads– Looking for a good book? Have a good book? Check-out here.

italki.com– Share, learn, and practice over 100 languages, including Yucatec Maya, Luxembourgish, and Esperanto!

Jaiku– Microblogging. Google-owned. You can’t stop the Google. Age 13+ only, please.

Jammer Direct– Share your art. Or bitch and moan about being an unsigned artist. Or laugh and jeer at unsigned artists bitching and moaning.

LibraryThing– Gotta thing for libraries? Gotta thing for book lists? Swoon here. Age 13+ only, please.

LinkedIn– For yawning, business networking, and yawning. Also for yawning. Did I mention yawning? Yawn. Age 18+ only, please.

Livemocha– Learn 38 languages in an interactive community.

Meetup– Plan offline hookups meetups for various kinks activities. If you live in the UK, you may get lucky and hook-up meetup with this guy. Age 18+ only, please.

Myspace– View the fake profiles created by pedos, and the kids they cyber-stalk. Try to guess which is which. Age 13+ only, please.

Ning– Make your own websites and networks here. Age 13+ only, please.

OUTeverywhere– Come OUTy, come OUTy, where every you are! LGBT

ReverbNation– Socialize with musicians, managers, and groupies. Age 16+ only, please.

ScienceStage– Multi-media science platforming and networking. Video streaming.

Scispace– For scientists, by scientists. Invitation only. But don’t despair, you may request an invitation.

ShareTheMusic– Free and legal music listening and sharing.

Shelfari– e-shelve your books here.

SocialVibe– Network for charity.

Stickam– Get your chat on while you ogle and be ogled via video streaming.

StumbleUpon– Stumble your way through interesting websites.

Tumblr– Microblog. Real time- or auto-post.

Twitter– Microblog. 40% pointless babble.

Wattpad– Authors and readers unite! Also e-book sharing.

WAYN– Plan traveling rendezvous with fellow travelers. Age 18+ only, please.

weRead– We read books and talk about books.

WiserEarth– Organization-based social and environmental justice network. Age 16+ only, please.

ZOOPPA– Artists, work for free and sell-out at the same time here. Age 14+ only, please.

Here’s a longer list.

Do you have a strong opinion of a particular social networking site?

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  1. Great list! I’m going to try out a couple of those! 😀

    I personally use very few sites like these. I’m usually quite critical of sites and if there’s one thing I don’t like about them I usually don’t return.

    I use Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads on a daily basis… And I use Stumbleupon when I’m really bored or need inspiration for blog posts.

    Thanks for the list 😀

    • You’re welcome! 🙂

      Well, I obviously use Twitter 🙂 . . but I don’t use any of the others on the list anymore (I tried a few, but they were too time-sucky). When I invent a time-making machine I’ll probably use some of the bookish ones.

  2. I use Facebook more than any other social networking site (to stay in touch with friends), and then Twitter and LinkedIn.

    I don’t use GoodReads as much as I probably should.

    I know I could do more with the social networking thing, but I tend to stick with a small handful of sites that have either made me happy (Facebook and Twitter), or brought me work (LinkedIn).

    • I’m still struggling with social media at this point. I keep meaning to get on some of these other sites, but I have so many other projects going on (writing, researching, reading, trying to correctly pronounce “écrit”), plus the normal daily life stuff (eating, sleeping, showering, etc.) that takes all my time.

      I do sometimes play a bit on Twitter, but I’m usually there to navigate to blogs or check out interesting research links.

      And this obsessive following on Twitter I still don’t quite get. I understand it’s important to make contacts, but I’ve found following much more than 50 people doesn’t really work for me. I get ADDish. (And I don’t even have ADD.) I know HootSuite is supposed to help with that. But really, what’s the point? The social media mavens say follow everybody, because you never know who’s second cousin is a literary agent, (or whatever) but is that particular literary agent’s second cousin really going to notice me just because I’m a “follower” who doesn’t also try to engage in some kind of meaningful interaction? I can only read so many tweets, and I can only tweet at so many tweeple who “might” have connections.

      So . . I guess I’ll end this rant by saying I think writers should be expected to focus more on writing, and less on socializing. And I’ll probably get pounded for this. Or at least tsk-tsked. 🙂

      • Every fiction agent I’ve chatted with says social media doesn’t matter to them as much as people into social media claim. Some agents I’ve heard from say it really doesn’t matter at all to them how active an author is on Twitter and other sites as long as they’re writing good stuff.

        I was surprised to hear that because I always heard that social media was almost as important as writing to most agents.

        It’s a different thing with non-fiction.

        I’ll add most people on Twitter if they connect with me. People who are obviously only interested in selling things…I don’t follow back. I filter things with TweetDeck. I have the feed of everybody, and it’s something I glance at because it’s constantly changing. Then I have different lists: friends, writers, jugglers, etc. — the things I don’t want to miss.

        I still prefer dedicating more time to writing, recording podcasts, and chatting with friends than being out there always promoting what I do. I could probably do a lot more to promote myself using social media, but I enjoy working on other things more.

  3. “Every fiction agent I’ve chatted with says social media doesn’t matter to them as much as people into social media claim.”

    Well that’s a big relief. 😀

    I hope the agents I eventually approach adhere to that school of thought.

  4. Fun list! I hadn’t heard of Jaiku before – I wonder if anyone I know is on it?
    There’s also the Compuserve Books and Writers Community, a great place to meet fellow writers and readers.

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