We Need Coffee Contest, Spring 2011


UPDATE: April Fool’s Day, 2011

2 commentors gave the correct answers- Sonia, with “nothing,” and Saint-Clair, with “didn’t conclude anything.”

I also would’ve accepted “not a thing,” “no thing,” “nyet,” “non,” “no,” “nada,” “zip,” “zilch,” “null,” and “void.”

Well I had to fit the spirit of April Fool’s Day into the contest *somehow*, so I thumb my nose at the silly random number generator (like anything is random, come on) and declare the WINNERS are Sonia AND Saint-Clair!

Yep- my contest, my rules, and my rules to break.

So Sonia and Saint-Clair, click on “Who is CMStewart?” on the main page of this blog to get my email address, send your email address to me, and I’ll send a $10 gift certificate to Larry’s Beans to BOTH of you!

Thanks for participating, congratulations, and Happy April Fool’s Day!


Play the above video to hear the contest question.

Find the answer *somewhere* in Manon Eileen’s blog.

And please don’t ask her for the answer, I’ve already asked her to not give it away!

Good Luck!

Rules, details, and other fussy stuff:

1. Answer the relevant question in the video correctly in a comment to this post (below).

2. Participants may leave more than 1 comment, but the first comment-answer by a specific participant will be the only answer counted from said participant.

3. What constitutes a “correct answer” will be determined by me.

4. Winner will be randomly selected (using an online random number generator) from all correct entries.

5. Winner will be awarded a $10 gift certificate to Larry’s Beans.

6. Deadline is April Fool’s Day, 2011 (no, this contest is not an April Fool’s Day joke).

7. In the event of “no correct answers,” this contest expires on April Fool’s Day, 2011 (no fooling).

8. The certificate will be emailed to the winner’s email address within 1 week after said winner provides said email address to me.

9. Not responsible for lost or misdirected email.

10. I’m not affiliated with Larry’s Beans, I just think this is a cool-as-beans prize! Good luck!




Sip of coffee warms

In spring, rain refills my cup

Surface tension– spill



Caffeine clears cobwebs, dust of dreams

Opens eyes wide- electrifies

Fortifies with fortitude- forceful (not forgiving)

Flavors bitter black, full-bodied bouquet

Early– morning– coffee

Even in evening piquant piping liquid enlivens


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  1. Woohoo, this is great and I love the question… :p

    I also loved the video, C.M., great job!

  2. If I heard the question correctly, it was “what did the coffee researchers conclude about men.” In that case…nothing because the study was done on women. Coffee reduced the risk of stroke in women. Since men weren’t studied, nothing could be concluded. 😀

    • You heard the question correctly. Thank you for your answer, and the winner will be announced on April Fool’s Day! 🙂

  3. Peter Saint-Clair

     /  March 29, 2011

    Obviously, the researchers didn’t conclude anything about men…

    • Thank you for your answer, come back April Fool’s Day for the winner announcement! 🙂

      • Peter Saint-Clair

         /  March 30, 2011

        I didn’t realize that Sonia got the correct answer before me…My line was lifted right from Manon’s comment on the post you mention…lol

  4. Thank you!!!

  1. Manon Eileen » Genre for Japan – buy your own author slave, now!

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