For the Last Time- a Flash Fiction Tale



“Good morning, princess Misty. This is Chris.”


“Chris. Your servant, my princess.”

“Oh! Chrissy . . now I recognize your voice.”

“Thank you, princess. I hadn’t seen you on in a while. I was getting worried. I thought I might never get a chance to serve you again. Actually . . I was terrified. So scared. My heart is still pounding, princess.”

“Yeah . . I didn’t think my account was still available. My girlfriend must’ve turned it on last night as a joke before she left.”

“You’re . . leaving”

“Yeah. I figure I’m twenty-three now, and it’s time to get a respectable career in the real world. Had my birthday party last night. Christ. I’m hung-over.”

“But Misty . . I need you. Please don’t leave me, princess.”

“Just call one of the other girls. They’ll be glad to take your money just like I was.”

“But Misty- you’re the only femme domme for me. I tried all the other girls before I met you. They didn’t understand me. Not the way you do. The first time I called you I knew we were a perfect match. You make me feel so girly inside, Misty. So feminine. Pretty. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll get a second job so I can call you more often. We can even play raise-the-rate every time.”

“That’s sweet of you, Chrissy. But I already got a new job. It’s in an office. My first day is today. And . . oh my god- gotta go, Chrissy. I don’t wanna be late on my first day! Stay sweet, and bye-”

“No, please princess, no!”

“Good-bye, Chrissy.”




“Hello princess Misty. This is Chris again.”

“Damn. I forgot to log off. I told you I’m leaving Girly Calls, now-”

“Yes, I know- I just want to congratulate you on your new job and wish you success, princess. You deserve it. I’m sorry I was rude before. I will punish myself according to your whims. What would you like me to do? Clothes pins? Doggie leash? Shot glass? My fingernails and toenails still have the sparkly pink nail polish from last time, and I’m putting on the matching lip gloss. I’m already naked and primed. It won’t take long.”

“Hmm . . how about- no wait! I’m not doing that anymore. For the last time, call somebody else-”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I will do as I’m told. Please forgive me. I won’t keep you any longer. I wish you much luck and success in your respectable office job. To prove my sincerity, I’d like to send you some flowers. Do you like pink snapdragons?”

“Oh! How sweet . . those are my favorite.”

“I just need to know where to send them.”

“Oh. Maybe it’s not such a good-”

“Just think of how jealous all the other girls will be when they see you get flowers on your first day. And all the guys will think you have a boyfriend, and won’t harass you.”

“Hmm . . that would be nice. Okay. It’s 3230 Pallet Road- wait. What state are you in? I don’t want you showing up at my office.”

“I’m in, um . . Alaska. On a tiny, isolated island, all by myself. I don’t even have a car. There’s no way I could show up, even if I wanted to.”

“Oh. I’m in Texas. So I guess it’s safe to give you the address.”

“Texas? Wow- that’s amazing! I mean . . that’s so far away.”

“Hold on, Chrissy- how do you get food if you live by yourself on an island and don’t have a car?”

“I grow my own food. I’m a survivalist.”

“Well okay . . the address is 3230 Pallet Road, Houston, Texas.”

“Houston? Oh my god!”


“I mean, oh my goddess. Thank you, goddess. I will send your flowers to your office, princess- goddess.”

“Okay, Chrissy. Gotta go.”

“Good-bye, princess Misty. I love you.”



Time for the Last (part 2)


Thanks to Chuck Wendig for this flash fiction writing prompt!


As with all my flash fiction, I welcome any and all constructive criticism and comments.

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  1. Creepy! 🙂 – In the good way.
    I like that it’s made up of dialogue entirely. No problems following who’s talking.

    • Creepy? Hmm . . oh yeah, it is kinda creepy. lol I had way too much fun writing this, I was smiling the whole time. 🙂 Glad you like it! I wrote it as bare-bones dialogue to reflect the disconnectedness of the via-phone relationship.

      • The subject wasn’t creepy to me, it was more the obsession. I like using dialogue like that. Clever. 🙂

      • I think written dialogue is one of my strong points, and I think I have a lot of strong banter in the WIP I’m editing for ROW80- it’s dialogue-heavy (in a good way). These flash fiction challenges are great in that you get to experiment and see what works.

      • I really like doing dialogue too. Some people find it difficult, but I think it’s great for showing the characters’ personalities. 🙂
        Challenges and writing prompts are definitely good. I do one weekly for the writing group I’m in.

  2. Okay, now I’m totally creeped out… *shudders*

    Good story!

    • lol Thanks! 🙂 Being quite familiar with the subject material, I didn’t realize how creepy this one actually is.

  3. I loved the fact that it’s all dialogue. Funny/creepy and very good. Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re welcome and thank you! 🙂 “All-dialogue” was really the only way to go with this one, IMO.

  4. I love how just one line of short dialogue can make something.

    It’s not the easiest thing to do, but you definitely did it with the excited, “Houston? Oh my god!” line!

    BOOM! Good stuff!

    • LOL Thanks! 🙂

      I’m reminded of a movie quote a friend of mine and I often manipulate and use. “Houston….we have a problem.” (As Misty said later.)

  5. I love it. I can just see what’s coming now. Shudder.

    • Thanks for saying so! 🙂

      The story unfolded instantaneously when I saw the photo. The photo is the aftermath. lol

  6. Hilarious! I didn’t want this to end, creepy!

  1. Time for the Last- a Flash Fiction Tale « CMStewartWrite

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