Flash Fiction Challenge- Sequential Line Drawings

I have so much fun participating in flash fiction challenges, I decided to try hosting challenges as well. So this is my first flash fiction challenge to anybody who would like to participate. The exercise is great for keeping your writing creative and fresh, and the instructions are simple. Write a flash fiction story inspired by the above sequential line drawings (anonymous), post it at your blog, and link it back in the comments of this post. Any genre, or no genre. It can even be non-fiction, a poem, or a drawing of your own, as long as the starting point is the above prompt. Word limit is 1000. Time limit: next Monday- September 12 at noon EST. *No time limit on this one!* I will be posting my own story here next Monday. I hope some of you participate- and I look forward to reading the entries!

Oh yeah- the finale is I will choose an entry at random, and critique its strong points in the comments of this post. And of course other readers are invited to join in the friendly critique. I’ll put a link to this post in my next post, so those interested can simply click to revisit this challenge.

See you next week!


Here’s my entry, I ended up with a poem . .

Stand Lest Die

 Score lain along the
corporeal lip, draft of power, false ascent,


To purge animas:

Phage money





Spill and spawn rich



and still

sun — rise

light — dawn

Again, the

Surrender sentient
requiem, as corners unfold, Celestia blinks, dies, disappears

One swain comes another,
a love regress

 Still no heaven

No hope for sheol

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  1. kate2world

     /  September 5, 2011

    The drawings do intrigue – incite the muse creative. I think it’s cool to invite both flash fiction and poetry for variety and like the ‘friendly’ critique invite to readers 😉

    Look forward to some good reading as well as a chance at partipating in this creative adventure.

    Write on!

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