Festival of Colour (version 2)- a Flash Dialogue

Thanks to Ozlem Yikici for this creativity exercise!

“A small quiet village approx 200 miles from the nearest city adorned with thatched cottages and surrounded by vast empty fields. Not much happens here, except for their festival – the festival of colour, this happens once a year; tourists and families from afar visit, no one misses this event. This is the highlight of the year for the villagers; they prepare for this the whole year.”

-Ozlem Yikici


“Festival of Colour” characters created by Cynthia E.


“Festival of Colour” Dialogue Prompts

“No children live in the village. A child hides in a barn and stays after the festivities. Your character(s) interacts with the child. The child has a secret. Add a surprise of your own -in keeping with your character(s) profile.”

-Ozlem Yikici

* * * * *

Festival of Colour: Quarterstick

by CMStewart

“I see ya. No use hidin’ any more. So come on down, ya snot-nose.”

“Yes, sir.”

Punk-ass kids in a kid-free village. I have to put up with this nonsense every year. Damn Festival of Colour! It’s just an excuse for the city folk to let their brats trash our village. And I hafta clean it up afterwards!”

“Yes, sir.”

“So where’s the rest of yer gang? Holed up in the stable, or did the yeller-bellies leave ya behind?”

“No sir, just me.”

“Ya really think I couldn’t see ya up there in the loft? Yer red, white, an’ blue getup is like a firecracker in the hay.”

“I wanted you to see me, Ted. That’s why I stuck the tip of my shoe out.”

“How do ya know my name? If you’ve been rifling’ through my trailer, I’ll wring yer neck, ya good-fer-nothin’-”

“My name is Kate. I wasn’t in your trailer, I promise.”

“Don’t matter, Kate. Yer comin’ with me to the constable. Now gimme yer hand, an’ don’t even think about tryin’ to run- hey come back here, ya snot!”

“I’m going to your trailer now. You need to cool off your temper. Don’t tell anybody I’m here, or I’ll they them how you got that limp.”

“What the hell ya talkin’ about? I oughta-”

“And I promise I don’t have any firecrackers. My daddy told me they’re too dangerous for kids. He told me so I wouldn’t play with them like he did when he was a boy. Oh yeah- he also says he’s sorry.”

“Uh, sorry?”

“Yeah, he told me to tell you that. He said you were right about him, and that’s why he had to leave me here. My daddy is going away for a long time. He never stopped playing with firecrackers.”

* * * * *

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  1. Another great bit of writing 🙂 I enjoyed reading that. The characters voices are very clear, now all we need is to read Cynthia E’s writings 🙂

  2. So different from the other one you wrote. Great dialogue again. I agree with yikici – the characters’ voices are very clear. 🙂

  3. @yikici Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 I wonder if Cynthia E’s story is similiar.

    @Howalt Thanks. 🙂 It’s true- the characters make all the difference.

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