Crypt Dwellers- a Flash Fiction Challenge

I can sense it . . can you?

The cool night air stealing ghostly breath . .

The rustling leaves.

Grasping branches.

Moonlight and shadow obscure truth . . and reveal it.

We are led to a dark, secret place . .

 . . of awful anticipation.


Your challenge is to write a flash fiction story based on- or inspired by- the above photo. Word count range 100 – 1000. Genre- science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, or horror. Post your story in your blog and link back in the comments of this post.

Deadline- Wednesday, October 26, noon EST. In time for Halloween. MUHAHAHAHA!

I’ll post my own flash fiction story here before the deadline, and link back in my post on the 26st.

Okay my brave little darlings- start writing, if you dare!


Here’s my tale:

Crypt Dwellers

“Hello? Anybody here?”

“Come in. We’ve been waiting for you.”

“Ah… you sure it’s safe? I heard this building was condemned.”

“Don’t be afraid. This is our home. We welcome you.”

“Sure… I’ll see if I can just squeeze through here. I brought my camera, I hope that’s okay. I can barely see you. Kinda spooky following goth girls into a boarded-up nightclub. But it’s Halloween night, so I guess I have no choice, ha ha. My name is Rod E. St. Garrie, by the way. The ‘E’ stands for ‘Entranced.’ “

“Not for long.”

“Huh? Funny, I still don’t know how you got inside my head. But I heard you talkin’ to me every day last week, dozens of times, just like you’re talkin’ to me now. What was that, some kind of remote hypnotism? You know, I’ve been readin’ about that psychic stuff, that’s why I didn’t freak out when I started hearin’ your voices. I heard you talk about your sexy lil’ outfits, tellin’ me you’re at the club on the corner of Ferry Street. And you girls sounded so… friendly. That helped put me at ease. Hey uh… you girls are friendly, right? Ha ha. I’m kiddin’. You know, I was hopin’ I’d get some good low-light photos for my folio. We could do a ‘test for prints.’ You girls need model pics? This sure is a big place you’ve got here. My flashlight’s about to die. Hey girls? You still here?”

“Turn around.”

“Holy crap! Gargoyles, dragons, giant spiderwebs. You girls did this all by yourselves? You said this is your house, right? The ‘E’ stand for ‘excited.’ “

“Not for long.”

“Huh? Well, at least I can see you better now. So where’s the light comin’ from? Everything’s all glowy. Mind if I take some pics? And you girls are hot, by the way, hope you don’t mind me sayin’. I can see why you’re models. You girls are models, right? Show me what ya got.”

“Take the pictures, and follow us.”

“Oh wow. That’s sexy. Uh, wow. You girls are really… uninhibited. Oh yeah, that’s a great shot on the bar. Damn. Somebody forgot their panties. Jesus H. Christ. You can dance. This is great. Awesome. You want me to follow you through there? Whoa. Lil’ Miss No-Panties leads the way, I follow. Let me just get a shot of that. Perfect. Tight squeeze in here. Glad I’m not claustrophobic, ha ha. Ah… a secret room? Is this where things really get crazy? You know, I wouldn’t mind takin’ a quick break and joinin’ the fun, if ya know what I mean. Say, are those skulls in the wall? Looks realistic. You girls are quite the decorators. And watching you dance like that, all sexy and seductive… gotta be honest, the ‘E’ stand for-“

“The ‘E’ stands for ‘entombed.’ “




EVERETT, Mass. (AP) – Another bloody camera was found outside “The Crypt,” an abandoned night club in downtown Everett, Massachusetts. The camera, a high-end professional type, was discovered early Tuesday morning. It was covered with what was later identified as “a blood and bleach mixture,” according to Medical Examiner Susan Slater. Since 2007, six professional-grade cameras have been found on the sidewalk outside the nailed-up doors of the club, each one covered in the same gruesome substance. No one has been able to provide specific identifying information to claim any of the cameras.

Like the other cameras, the latest one had a full memory card of grainy black and white photos of what appear to be four female models in typical night club attire. These specific models appear in each of the six cameras’ memory cards. Some Everett locals say they recognize the interior of the nightclub in the background of the photos. The models are pictured dancing on the club’s bar and crawling through the various mazes and tunnels built under the club. As with the other found cameras, the last photo recorded on the memory card was of the models posing in front of a wall of embedded skulls. Jeffery and Alex Castillo, the former architects and owners of The Crypt, have publically stated they do not recognize the models in the photos, and deny they had constructed a “wall of skulls” in the club.

The Crypt was once a hugely popular hangout for “goth” enthusiasts, and drew patrons from all over Massachusetts. In 2006 the club was closed and condemned after a tragic cave-in of the interior walls on Halloween night. The unexplained collapse entombed an estimated 355 patrons inside a labyrinth of underground tunnels. City zoning officials have since declared that excavating the scene would jeopardize the structural integrity of Everett’s water and sewer systems.


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  1. Nice challenge! I hope I’ll have time to type one up this time. 🙂


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