First / Last Sentences- a Sonia G Medeiros Challenge

Ever have the same odd image pop up in your mind year after year, seemingly without provocation or warning? A gruesome, disturbing image full of teeth and blood, and violent insanity?

Or maybe it’s just me?

In any case, thanks to Sonia G Medeiros‘s First / Last Sentences Challenge, I finally have an excuse to yank that tooth image from my mind and put it on paper!

(Or put it on my blog.)

The challenge to *write at most 100 words or either the opening or closing of a novel* is open at least through May, so there’s still time to participate. (You don’t have to write about teeth, the subject and genre are wide open.) Plus I heard each participant gets one free temporary yet worthwhile sense of accomplishment! I already snapped up my freebie with this characteristically brief entry:



The orderlies wheeze and cower on the floor, their heads tucked under their arms, as Alicia giggles and one-by-one spits her cracked, bloody teeth out at her psychiatrists’ tear-stained faces.



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  1. Ha! You made me laugh and shudder with the same post. In fact, I’m still laughing over “free temporary yet worthwhile sense of accomplishment”. Gotta get me some of that.

  2. Yeah. Laugh + shudder for me too. 😀 I hear you on the image stuck in your head. I still have the image from Albert Berg’s tooth challenge some time ago. But yeah, many of my stories start off with an odd, persistent image.


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