Flash Your Fiction on May 16!

original image by Roke (Wikipedia contributor)

Do you love writing and reading fiction, but find yourself pressed for time? Or maybe you have a limited attention span? Perhaps you’re just fond of succinct form. You’re in luck, because May 16 is the first ever National Flash Fiction Day (United Kingdom)! But first, a list of some fiction story definitions in order of increasing word count (some definitions overlap):



Flash Fiction, Microfiction, Micro-Story, Postcard Fiction, Short Short, Short Short Story, Sudden Fiction

Sketch Story

Short Story




Now that the idea of a flash fiction day has sunk in, you may be all riled up because you don’t live in the United Kingdom. That’s OK. I don’t either. National Flash Fiction Day is transmogrifying into INTERNATIONAL Flash Fiction Day!

Click on over to National (International) Flash Fiction Day and look around. Check out the competitions and compilations, and write some flash fiction.

Can’t be bothered with yet another fill-in-the-blank day? That’s OK too. Skip the hoopla and check out Flash Fiction Online.

Happy writing, and happy reading.

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  1. Great links – thanks!

  2. Hi – I just stumbled across your blog and I think this is great. I love flash fiction. Even though I DO get sick of fill-in-the-blank days, these are still great links. I think it’s so amazing that a story can be told in only a couple hundred words – glad to see that other people agree!

  1. Prisencolinensinainciusol « CMStewartWrite

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