Mayans Predicted this NaNo Is the Last NaNo



Heck ya, I’m doin’ NaNo again this year!

I’ve been so busy, that’s all I’ve got to say for this post…

Except that you can stalk my NaNo progress here…

And you can check out my “Birdbeat and Summer Move” story and / or get an update on my actual move here…

And my next post will be the day after NaNo.

See ya!



UPDATE 11-16-2012:

Half-way through NaNo, and I’m a bit behind in my word count. But I’m determined to cross the finish line a winner, because I think this is the only way this particular book is going to get written, and I have to write this book, because it’s the first book in a trilogy. Books two and three I already wrote. Plus I already brought a winner’s tee-shirt. Gotta live up to the hype. So now I must go NaNo . .

UPDATE 11-30-2012:

YIPPEE!! I’m done, and proudly jutting out my chest in my winner’s tee-shirt. 50127 words wrung from my brain. Gloppy and gloopy and in dire need of editing. But they’re 50127 word of “novel,” nonetheless. I’ll reveal that a couple of my main characters are singers / Christian preachers, so I have chunks of song lyrics and Bible verses here and there in my novel. I’ll also reveal that I found this, written by an official NaNo staff person, on the official NaNo website: “If you are quoting other works (such as lyrics, poems, movies, plays, books, etc.) you MAY count them towards your final word count goal. (Whether or not the items are copyright and you’re allowed to publish your book with such excerpts is an entirely different matter.) Opinions differ on whether or not this is ethical, so in the end, only count what you absolutely feel you have to.”

So not only did I win, I won by skating on the thin ice of ethical ambiguity! I RULE!!