Redemption- a Flash Fiction Tale

Joan of Arc Being Interrogated, by Paul Delaroche

“I killed a man.” Geoff stares at the ceiling and bites his lip. “Shot him with his own gun. Son’abitch tried to rob me. I grabbed his gun, shot him through the head. He’s in his grave in the landfill outside of town. No one’s gonna find him.” Geoff shrugs. “But I still gotta pay for what I did.”

“I killed a man, stabbed him.” Roy says, his eyes downcast. “He busted in, all high on dope. So I grabbed my knife. Stabbed him in the leg. He tried to grab me, so I stabbed him in the neck. He’s sunk in the old quarry over yonder.” Roy picks at his nail. “I had to do it, but I know I’m guilty.”

Jehanne rises from her seat, her dress damp with sweat. With a trembling finger, she traces the cross-shaped birthmark on her breast. She winces as her nail bumps the edge of a scab. “Bless you, Geoff. Bless you, Roy. You have confessed your sins, and shall receive redemption.” She grabs the vial hanging from her neck. “By my sacrifice, you are absolved.” She removes a pill from the vial and swallows it. She sits, lays her head on the table, and closes her eyes.

The evening sun slips below the windowsill.

Geoff clears his throat. “Saint Jehanne,” he says. “That has a nice ring to it.”

“Yeah, “Roy says. “Do you think she’s in Heaven yet?”

“I dunno. It’s only been a few minutes. Did you really kill that man?”

“Nah. Did you?”

“Nope.” Geoff lets out a deep breath. “I just said I did to help Jehanne. I figured the way the new Cardinal’s been actin’, she couldn’t be without sin very much longer.”

“Yeah.” Roy nods quickly. “Me too.”

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  1. Fabulous! Love, love, love this. 🙂

    • Thanks for the glowing comment! I didn’t know whether this one was too subtle or not subtle enough. It’s hard to gauge one’s own stories, eh?

      • Sure is. I’m going through that with the final edits of Book 6 right now… thank goodness for beta readers!

  2. I’m just now at the stage where I’m getting my novels-to-be beta read.

    -oh the humanity-

  3. Oh my! I’m so glad I’m not on anyone’s short list for sainthood. Good job.


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