Wanna Make a Mini Movie?


Motivated by a couple men in gorilla suits (AKA Christopher Gronlund and Shawn Kupfer), I decided to dig out my WIP for a mini movie about a work-at-home phone sex operator who gets a call from an ET.

Focus Features via Media.Philly.com

I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in.


This is 1950’s monster movie camp meets 2010’s online democratized content. Now while I fully admit that this mini movie idea is awesome as vegan chocolate sauce, I also fully admit that I, as an artist, am only 1 person (2 if you count my impromptu amateur videographer husband), I have little movie-making know-how, and I don’t have access to a movie set. So, this is where you come in, brave, creative, online content democratization enthusiast! Wanna get in the spirit of artistic collaboration and contribute to a fun, freaky, sci fi mini movie?

Here’s how this will work:

1. Anybody (18+) can help do this! You may contribute, via email, as little or as much as you’d like to any of the following, provided the contribution is original, and follows the premise of the movie:

a. a written scene in the movie script

b. an actual filmed scene in the movie

c. film editing, special effects, graphics and titles

2. If you contribute useable content, your contribution – in full or in part – will end up in the movie.

3. If you contribute, you will be credited in the movie credits (unless you want to remain anonymous).

4. The movie, when complete, will be available for public viewing on youtube, and will be submitted to Stoneham Cinema.

5. There’s no monetary compensation for contributing, this is an amateur artistic collaboration, and an experiment in content democratization.

6. Production and final editing decisions are reserved for me. (Somebody’s gotta do it.)

Need some inspiration to help you be a brave, creative mini movie collaborator? Check out these gorilla suited links to democratized content sources. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

So, now that your head is spinning, wanna contribute to a fun, goofy, non-professional, experimental, indie mini movie? (hint – “Heck, yeah!”) Email me for more details.


BTW, check out this flash fiction anthology. You may have read one of the included stories here first!

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  1. This sounds interesting, CM. I may have a go at writing a scene, if I can…

    • Yes! The first brave artistic collaborator tentatively steps up! As I mentioned, the premise is a work-at-home PSO gets a call from an ET (Earth PSOs have a reputation as being the best PSOs in the tri-galaxy area). After the initial shock of the call, she figures out how to monetize the ET calls, recruits some of her PSO friends, then sets up a computer program to answer and “converse” with all ET calls. Soon after, she retires from phone sex and jet-sets around the world with her fortune. Let me know if you need any more details. 🙂

  2. OK, CM, here’s my scene. It’s a scene that sets a scene, rather than an action sequence or anything like that:
    She shuddered as she put the receiver back into its cradle.
    “Good heavens!” she said to the shirt on the ironing board as she walked across the room and picked up the iron.
    She levelled out a cuff, and was about to iron when the phone rang again.
    “It’s so busy today!” she said to the iron; as she put it back onto the stand. The shirt slipped off the ironing board. She decided to leave it where it was as she had to get the call.
    She answered the telephone with her huskiest voice, to disguise her heavy breathing after walking across the room.
    “Hello…” and then she continued, rather noisily, her exhale.
    “Oh, it’s you, Mabel.” She reverted back to her normal voice. “Oh no, nothing much” she said as she twiddled with the telephone cord. “Out of the window?” she glanced over to the window, but couldn’t see anything as bright sunshine cascaded into the living room through her net curtains. “OK, I’ll go and have a look. I can’t see from here.”
    She placed the receiver beside her phone, walked over to the window, and lifted the net curtain so she could have a better view of outside.
    The sunshine was bright over the houses across the road, making them appear to be very dark. The sky was clear and blue, not a cloud in sight. But she could see an oval shaped object, partly obscured by the sun, hovering there, not moving.
    She tutted.
    She returned to the armchair, sat down and lifted the receiver.
    “There’s nothing there, Mabel. I think you’re seeing things. Come round for coffee this afternoon if you like, I’m ironing at the moment.”
    She replaced the receiver once again, glanced back over to the window, and then walked back to the ironing board. She picked up the shirt from the floor, and levelled the cuff once again on the board.
    “Third time lucky” she said to the shirt, as the phone rang once again.

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