Gooseberry Fool, an April Fools’ Day Recipe

Gooseberry (Cranberry Jelly) Fool

Here’s a super-duper easy recipe you can make for April Fools’ Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day, or even your birthday.

It’s a modern vegan version of the traditional English Gooseberry Fool. All you need are 4 containers of O’Soy Soygurt (vanilla flavor) and a can of gooseberries. Alternately, you can substitute a can of cranberries, or if you’re really in a bind, a can of cranberry jelly (which is what I did). You’ll also need a stove, a pan, a stirring tool, a large bowl, and serving glasses with spoons (those those last 2 items are optional).

Gooseberry Fool Ingredients

Dump the gooseberries or cranberries or cranberry jelly into the pan. You’ll probably have to scrape the insides of the can with the stirring tool to get most of the goop out. Look to see if you have whole berries in the pan. If you do, mash them with the stirring tool or your fist. Turn the stove on low, making sure the burner you turn on is the one under your pan. Stirring frequently, reduce the liquid in the pan (via heating) until you have something with the consistency of pudding. This could take up to an hour, depending on how liquidy your pan ingredient is. (I said this was easy, not necessarily quick.) Once your pan ingredient is pudding-like, let it cool completely. Then dump the soygurt and the berry stuff into a large bowl. Again, use the stirring tool to scrape the goop. Stir. Pour or spoon into the serving glasses.

And now I shall gift my loyal readers with a Tom Green video. Happy April Fools’ Day!

Still here? OK. This is me emerging from a long winter of hibernation, immediately before I made the faux Gooseberry Fool. Yikes. Don’t let this happen to you. Make the Gooseberry Fool – faux or otherwise –  before it’s too late!


Still haven’t had enough foolishness? Check out my last blog post and get in on the action! Contribute via the magic of the internet as much or as little as you like to an experimental collaborative mini movie!

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  1. The Gooseberry Fool sounds yummy! You’re scaring me with that video, though… 😉

    • Tom Green is like every kid I ever babysat rolled into one. (Except I’m not responsible for him, praise Mithra.) If you think that video is scary, you should check out some of the youtube videos of his show. The guy has less than zero self-consciousness.


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