Air Guitar Marathon- a Microfiction Tale

Must be at least a hundred of ‘em – all rotten and stinky and thrustin’ their hips, holdin’ their arms out at weird angles. Me, I’m just a musician tryin’ to survive the apocalypse. “Last one air guitaring wins a Stratocaster!” was divine inspiration.

I had no idea zombies loved Stratocasters more than they do brains.





Thanks to Jezri’s Nightmares for this microfiction challenge!

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  1. LOL! Who knew? Love it.

  2. My Inner Zombie kept that from me, CM… the gif gets funnier the longer you watch it!

  3. Thriller is one of my favorite videos. Produced by John Landis of American Werewolf in London fame…just a gas. C’mon.. the undead, kicking it, in time, with a great beat? Does it get better than this?


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