Evidence Left Behind



I took the above photo in the front yard of my new location. I wear a size 10 shoe. This ectoplasm seems to be (mostly) inert.

After a month of transient awareness I regain full consciousness and find myself in another state, literally and figuratively. I strongly suspect absolutely know I was abducted by an extraterrestrial entity and returned to Earth many miles from my abduction location. Overall, I am happy with the experience, though my memories of the ordeal are fragmentary. I will post again next week, after I piece together the pieces. But now I must rest.

Questions for readers: Have you ever been abducted by extraterrestrials? Was the experience agreeable? Do you have any evidence?

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  1. Clearly, strangeness is afoot!

    • Well, yes, I do agree that my foot is strange, but did you check out that ectoplasm next to it? 🙂

      • Yes, it is quite a majestic bit of ectoplasm! I know some ectoplasms are edible, but do not know enough about them to forage for them. Some…well, the spirits contained within can do quite a number on a human host! But were I to live in an area with edible ectoplasm of that size, I would be quite content. In my travels to Oregon, there are people you see out hiking collecting greens and ectoplasms. To have that much free food available while hiking in such beautiful places is quite a thing.

  2. I tried to identify this mass of ectoplasm online – to find its terrestrial name. Alas, I found no sure match, taking all the identifiable characteristics into consideration. Sure does look yummy, though.

  3. Hey, nice ectoplasm! Wait, that didn’t come out right…

    If aliens have ever abducted me, it must have been more traumatic for them than for me. I don’t remember a thing.

    • Thanks, I feel personally responsible for this ectoplasm, but that’s likely a side effect of my abduction. You’re probably lucky you don’t remember any abduction you may have experienced.

      More of the pieces of my own abduction are materializing in my memory. The extraterrestrials took a particular interest in my ankles. Odd. I thought they usually went for the pelvic area.

  4. I don’t think I’ve been abducted, CM, but I may have visited them voluntarily on the odd occasion. Things are a little hazy, though, when I think about it.

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