American Gothic

My American Gothic

American Gothic

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may have seen my last post, vaguely describing my alleged extraterrestrial abduction.

Since that posting, I’ve regained some memories of the event, and even discovered I had the wherewithal to take some photos immediately after my abduction.

(I was immobilized during my examination in the extraterrestrial spaceship, so was unable to photograph the aliens or the inside of the ship.)

On or around July 10, 2013, I was beamed aboard a spaceship from the planet Saturn. I spent the next month or so being forcibly restrained and studied, as many Earthling have been studied by Saturnites before me. I was probed with needles around my feet, ankles, and lower legs. The needles were tiny, but I suspect I had an allergy to the antiseptic, as the resulting pain was lasting. I still bear the scars from the needles:

Note the probe injection marks and the bruising from the restraints.


I took this photo in night vision mode. This is the extraterrestrial spaceship which abducted me:

This is a spaceship from Saturn, I'm pretty sure. Note the scale distortion caused by plasgravitid waves.


Also taken in night vision mode, this is the extraterrestrial spaceship landing strip across the street. During the daylight hours, it is disguised as a lawn ornament display:

Though I was abducted by Saturnites who most likely used this landing strip, I believe my neighbors across the street are Mercurians.


My abduction and probing was stressful, but I am honored that the Saturnites chose me as a test subject, and am forever grateful they returned me to Earth in an infinitely more suitable and pleasant environment. I can now plant my garden, and include Earth’s most perfect fruit, the non-GM tomato. (Photos next summer.)

My old new abode is at 0:25


My American Goth

American Goth

That GM tomato was evil, I tell you, EVIL. I had to do it.

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  1. Catana

     /  September 8, 2013

    I saw the photo from your last post, but didn’t realize it was yours. Who do we have to thank for your coming through without being traumatized. Though I suspect that they might have done something to your mind since you seem almost… pacified? Yay truly, GM tomatoes are evil.

    • Pacified? Yes, compared to my state of mind a couple months ago. Any trauma has been compartmentalized by the Saturnites. They’re thoughtful that way.

      • Catana

         /  September 8, 2013

        Are they to be our new overlords? They might be a lot better than what we have now.

  2. Now you’re talkin’. I’ll see what I can do.

  3. CM nice to hear you’re ok.
    So these Saturnites, no chance they aren’t Elder Gods? Because, we have an organic farm and down the road one of our neighbors inexplicably planted Monsanto’s Round Up Ready corn and the next thing we knew there was, well let’s just say, a lot of Lovecraftian hurly-burly down that -away. So, I support the activity those stains on your blouse indicate.

    • My belief is the Saturnites are, in the broadest definition, the Elder Gods of which you speak. And in that vein, Monsanto is the Elder Anti-God (or Demon). There’s a pattern emerging in my recollections, one of needles and injections. Mosquitoes, the GMO process, the way a hummingbird injects its beak into a food source. It’s all connected somehow…

  4. I think I’ve seen a similar ship down here in Texas. Did the Saturnites by chance hover and have proboscises? It could explain the wounds on your leg.

  5. I believe the Saturnites are friendly unless they’re being written about, CM. How they know, though, is another thing as I don’t think they can read our Earthly languages…

    • Yeah, I would never write about the S********s. I’ll write the hell out of mosquitoes, though, as you can see. Nasty lil things. Did I mention my pet name for mosquitoes is “Saturnites”? (Not to be confused with the S********s.)

  6. LOVE the photos (particularly the last one)! Your aliens were kinder than the ones that got me. I ended up with a huge nasty welt that bled under my skin and required antibiotics to fix.

    Saturnites, Saturnites, Saturnites!!!!

    There, hope that got their attention. I’d prefer to go with them next time.

    • Thanks! Sub-dermal bleeding? Wow, those aliens must have been fascinated by you.

      Best of luck with your upcoming encounter with the S********s.


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