Jumpin’ on the NaNo Train again, but this time, I’m gettin’ all literary. Thumbin’ my nose at my usual genre plots. So what the heck is a “literary novel”?

Wiki says,

“To be considered literary, a work usually must be ‘critically acclaimed’ and ‘serious.’ In practice, works of literary fiction often are ‘complex, literate, multilayered novels that wrestle with universal dilemmas.’ “

Further burrowing into the wiki rabbit hole, I find it has something to do with art, beauty, and the way something tastes. Hmm…

Wanna hop on the NaNo Train? 50,000 words of literary, of genre, or of anything, in 30 days. Better hurry, though. This NaNo Train is ready to roll!




I won with 50187 words of literary novel!