Identity / The God Killers (books 5 and 6)

Identity / Mark Hosack

Synopsis – Mild-mannered businessman is approached by unscrupulous business colleague about a get-rich-quick coup. Businessman attempts to expose coup, but in the process gets caught up in a vortex of hostile takeovers, espionage, fraud, hitmen, and double and tripling wheeling and dealing. This corporate thriller has more twists and turns than San Fran’s Lombard and Vermont streets put together.

Reaction – The book quickly drew me in with an engaging, “aw shucks” conversational tone, which fit the main character and theme. But the further I got into the storyline, the more confusing – and implausible – the web of deceit, crossing, and double crossing got. I decided to attribute this to my brain not being wired for politi-business. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this timely, fast paced tale of corporate greed. Read this if you enjoy complicated thrillers with lots of action and surprise endings.

Recommendation – This book renewed my will to live.

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The God Killers / David Simpson

Synopsis – Two God-hating guys can see zombie ghosts. This enrages the zombie ghosts. So the guys and the zombie ghosts battle it out. Along the way, the guys cure diseased prostitutes, exorcise demons, and team up with Satan. Oh yeah – the two guys are trying to kill God.

Reaction – The zombie ghosts were interestingly creepy. Other than that – confusing, disjointed descriptions. Sketchy motivations. Long, drawn-out, rambling sentences and fight scenes. Not a lot of explaining the “why” of specific events, but lots of spiritual, third-eye-type stuff which flew over my head (much like the zombie ghosts flying over the guys’ heads). Implausible storyline, even in the supernatural realm. Cursing throughout – the f-bomb seems to be the favorite.

Recommendation – You’re taking your chances with this hit and miss book.

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  1. Hmmm. I think Identity might be beyond my intellectual capabilities…

  2. I’m probably a bit biased about Identity since Mark is a cool guy, but just as much as I enjoyed the book, I love the videos he made to support its release. “And So It Begins…,” “Mark Calls Goldman Sachs,” and “Mark Finishes His Novel” here ( still make me laugh.

    • Yes, I think I remember those videos, I’ll have to check them out again. Come to think of it, I found Identity via your blog, thanks! 🙂


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