47 Echo / Sharcano (books 22 and 23)

47 Echo / Shawn Kupfer

Synopsis – After a war-tainted society fails a man and his family, the man finds himself thrust into the penal military combat. But this man has some mad military skills, and proves to be a MacGyver A-Team hero. When the law catches up with his innocence and finally gives him a break, will he desert his wartime teammates?

Reaction – I usually don’t select war novels, but I’m glad I selected this futuristic military thriller. Though it was full of military jargon, military numbers, and military acronyms, the writing was rhythmic and propelled me forward with surprising ease. It had a balance of cold, hard specs and humanizing psych, and the main characters were sympathetic. Read this if you’re into jagged survivalist military grit tempered with a core of human kindness.

Recommendation – This book renewed my will to live.

Get it here – http://www.amazon.com/47-Echo-Shawn-Kupfer-ebook/dp/B00BZPIGP0/


Sharcano / Jose Prendes

Synopsis – What do you get when you cross the scariest water-borne killer with the scariest fire-borne killer? Sharks. Volcanoes. Molten lava sharks spewing out of volcanoes. A hellish Sharcanocalypse! Can science and religion come together to save the world from the fiery end-of-days flying lava sharks and a plague spawned straight from Hades? Will the “cure” be worse than the epidemic?

Reaction – I grew up reading the tabloids Weekly World News, National Enquirer, Globe, Star, and watching B movies, so this long and twisted tale of Sharcanocalyptic terror was right up my alley! I even made popcorn. Every other paragraph had my eyes bugging out with Did I just read that?!  This story was an absolute joy to read, and Prendes obviously had a wicked fun time writing it. I’ll be coming back to this gaudy, bawdy gem of a book again and again.

Recommendation – This book renewed my will to live.

Get it here – http://www.amazon.com/Sharcano-Sharkpocalypse-1-Jose-Prendes-ebook/dp/B00I0K9UE4/


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  1. Sharcano sounds like fun, CM!

  2. I think I’m enjoying the mystery of how you choose your books almost as much as I enjoy reading your reviews! What are your selection criteria?

    • lol You mean my selection criteria overall? Anything that looks good or interesting that’s on sale for free or a dollar. 🙂 I have an email subscription to a couple of “e-book bargain” newsletters, so I have a backlog of e-books. Sometimes I splurge and spend more. Week by week I choose based on whatever strikes my mood.


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