The Outlaw Among Us / Sworn Secret: A Novel (books 24 and 25)

The Outlaw Among Us / Nathan Dodge

Synopsis – Mr. and Mrs. Average American are living their average working-class lives with their average children in an average working-class neighborhood. That is, until Mr. and Mrs. Wealthy Gorgeous move into the house two doors down. When Mr. WG showers Mr. AA with free limo rides, major league baseball games, strip club outings, and booze, Mr. AA is hooked. But then Mr. WG saves Mr. AA’s life by shooting a street thug. But Mr. WG doesn’t want the police involved. Too complicated. Then of course, things get even more complicated. Soon Mr. AA is in way over his head in a deadly game of espionage, terrorism, and psychopathic manipulation.

Reaction – This story was a fascinating study of the ways and means of psychopaths and their victims. As the psychopathic couple ensnared the unsuspecting man with money and favors, I found myself wondering how obvious – or concealed – their motives may appear to somebody who is going through one major life crisis after another. Indeed, desperate circumstances call for desperate battles. Just how far do players in a web of deceit go to win the war? The story was written in a conversational style, and the main character arc was a surprise. Read this if you’re into psychological horror with a twist.

Recommendation – This book renewed my will to live.

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Sworn Secret: A Novel / Amanda Jennings

Synopsis – Picture a close-knit, loving family – a wife, a husband, and two lovely teenage daughters attending a good school with dedicated faculty. Of course, “picture-perfect” isn’t always what is seems. Now picture the unthinkable. A daughter falls from the roof of the school. Was it an accident? A suicide? Or something more sinister? In the aftermath of a tragic death, devastating secrets are revealed. When confronted with damning evidence, can a grieving family accept one of their own was leading a double life? As the layers of secrets and lies are peeled away, the exposed reality tears apart a community and drives the survivors over the edge of sanity.

Reaction – This complex, multi-layered novel was masterfully written. The characters were real and sympathetic. Reading the story was like watching a slow-motion train wreck of raw twisted drama and shattered emotion. One tragedy dominoed another, which dominoed another… I teared up toward the end, and I’m usually quite stoic. How much pain can one strong family endure? Read this book and find out.

Recommendation – This book renewed my will to live.

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  1. Two winners – awesome! Think I’ll skip the psycho horror, though. There’s always the newspaper if I want that…


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