Famous / Hostile Witness (books 28 and 29)

Famous / Kate Langdon

Synopsis – A trio of single, successful, city girls spend their days climbing the corporate ladder and their nights downing bottles of champers and shagging foxy blokes. And downing champers. Did I mention downing champers? Until one of the girls happens to accidentally shag a famous bloke. Now the girl is famous too. And everybody in Britain is chuffed, one way or the other. Time to trade those stilettos for trainers and trade one identity for another, for a while. At least until the media frenzy fizzles out.

Reaction – This book was a breezy read of stereotypical city girl characters living stereotypical city girl life. Shopping sprees, spa treatments, and girl talk galore. A few hilarious scenes made this book worth my time. But the ending was unrealistic and moralistic, in my opinion. Read this if you’re into beach reads and chick lit lite.

Recommendation – You’re taking your chances with this hit and miss book.

Get it here – http://www.amazon.com/Famous-Kate-Langdon-ebook/dp/B00H8ZL1M6/


Hostile Witness / Rebecca Forster

Synopsis – Hannah loves her mother, Linda. She’ll do anything for her. And Linda loves her daughter, Hannah, even though she’s a psychologically unstable burden. Linda will do anything to keep them in a pampered, moneyed lifestyle. But now Linda says it looks like Hannah’s gone and done something really bad, the naughty demon seed. Something which could threaten the blended family name and the hefty inheritance. So Linda calls on her best friend from college to defend her daughter in court. How far will a mother go to protect the thing she loves most? How far will a defense attorney go to save a child?

Reaction – This book started slowly and plodded along until just before the half-way point. Then it picked up the pace – somewhat. At just after the half-way point, the characters showed their full personalities, and the action increased. But the story still could’ve used an all-over tightening. I had to wade through the filler to find the substance. Read this if you’re into legal thrillers with double plot twists.

Recommendation – You’re taking your chances with this hit and miss book which renewed my will to live.

Get it here – http://www.amazon.com/HOSTILE-WITNESS-Josie-Thriller-Witness-ebook/dp/B002Z7G0QO/


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