Misty Falls / The Woods of Red Hill / The Monkey Wing (books 36, 37, and 38)

Misty Falls / Shaun Whittington

Synopsis – Ah, the golden years… retirement, rest, and relaxation. No responsibilities anymore, just freedom and… er… forgetfulness. Kicking back at a retirement home, making a few friends, and reminiscing about the good old days. You know, back when you weren’t being verbally abused, threatened, and physically assaulted. The good old days when you didn’t have to worry about a rapist and a potential murderer walking around your residence, sadistically taunting you and your friends. And you really don’t have a choice, because who’s gonna believe the senile rantings of a bunch of foggy old senior citizens? But for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. It just takes a senior citizen a bit longer…

Reaction – This story had a strong voice, and I enjoyed the conversational writing style. I also sympathized with the main character quickly and easily. Most of the book was depressing and lacked hope (based on true events), but the paranormal twist at the end was merciful, and fit seamlessly, in my opinion. Overall, the book was a deeply disturbing – yet ironically charming – tale of triumph of mind over matter.

Recommendation – You’re taking your chances with this hit and miss book.

Get it here – http://www.amazon.com/Misty-Falls-Shaun-Whittington-ebook/dp/B00DFMR45Y/


The Woods of Red Hill / Shaun Whittington

Synopsis – Who’s brave enough to pay a visit to the haunted house? The house where a man butchered his family? Three neighborhood boys are up to the challenge. But first, a bunch of adults have to set the spooky mood and create a creepy atmosphere… Are they ever gonna get around to it? Cue the escaped mental patient hiding in the forest already!

Reaction – At first, this story was like pieces of a puzzle which may or may not be fitting together. A lack of flow in sentences and from scene to clichéd scene. Initially, a weak voice and surface treatment. A thin, seemingly disjointed plot which only picked up at the half-way point. The closer I got to the end, the more interested I became… then a surprise ending which I absolutely did not see coming. Gave me a chuckle.

Recommendation – You’re taking your chances with this hit and miss book.

Get it here – http://www.amazon.com/Woods-Red-Hill-Shaun-Whittington-ebook/dp/B0082DB2J0/


The Monkey Wing / Shaun Whittington

Synopsis – Some people are cut out for prison jobs, most people aren’t. Just like some prisoners do well in prison, and most don’t. Unless you’re talking about Hayden Prison. Everything is going to hell in Hayden. Sure, it has normal prison stuff – drugs, beatings, rapes – but Hayden also has a curse blessing of unexplained stenches, insect infestations, and the occasional shredding of a prisoner. Too bizarre to be real? Maybe, but it can’t all be imaginary…

Reaction – Believable prison characters with believable prison scenes. But this book suffers from a severe shortage of pronouns. Readers don’t need to be reminded of the MC’s name in every paragraph throughout the entire story. Other than that, the storyline progresses at a pleasing pace, with plenty of action and plenty of suspense. Read this if you hate pronouns and love paranormal psychological horror with prison violence.

Recommendation – You’re taking your chances with this hit and miss book.

Get it here – http://www.amazon.com/Monkey-Wing-Shaun-Whittington-ebook/dp/B00C5PU7JM/


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