The Heartbreak Cafe / Bite (books 42 and 43)

The Heartbreak Cafe / Melissa Hill

Synopsis – An ensemble of women, some strangers, some best friends, are united by pregnancies and baby daddy drama. A Hollywood starlet, a suburban mommy, a spoiled housewife, a spurned mistress, and a jilted girlfriend. Star-crossed love, accidental pregnancy, a one-night stand, a morning-after pill, a broken marriage, and single motherhood. Who will end up happily ever after? Who will end up broken and bitter? Mix and match.

Reaction – High drama in mommyville. The start of this book was like reading the loose, scattered pages of several diaries. Half-way through the stories had intertwined. By the end, the fates had been meted. A lot of descriptions of motivations, and descriptions of emotions. Reading this book is like watching a Jerry Springer marathon without all the hair-pulling, bitch-slapping, and chair-throwing.

Recommendation – You’re taking your chances with this hit and miss book.

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Bite / Nick Louth

Synopsis – On the eve of revealing a malaria breakthrough, a scientist is kidnapped. Her boyfriend gets little help from the police, and so must find and rescue her himself, with the help of his comrades. Of course, their plans are foiled by evil henchmen and even more evil BIG PHARMA. In the meantime, a new malaria strain starts sweeping the planet. Do the good guys have the grit and muscle to save the scientist? Will BIG PHARMA squash the new malaria cure?

Reaction – The book started out fast-paced and exciting, but soon got bogged down with long, drawn-out scenes with long, drawn-out conversations. Isn’t there a missing scientist and a possible malaria cure somewhere? Cut through the chase! Pages from the missing scientist’s diary of her previous kidnapping and torture were interspersed throughout. Well-written, but could’ve been half as long. Read this if you’re into overly wordy good guys VS bad guys scenes interspersed with overly wordy torture scenes.

Recommendation – You’re taking your chances with this hit and miss book.

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