Barbie Girl / Dollhouse (books 46 and 47)

Barbie Girl / Heidi Acosta

Synopsis – The queen skank ho of the local high school is failing another class. So she makes a deal with coolnerd. He tutors her, and she will make the popuprep of his dreams jealous by pretending to be his skanky girlfriend. Too bad crackpot high school schemes do not always go as planned. Despite the tutoring, she is still failing, and in the meantime, skank ho and coolnerd fall in love lust. But miraculously, popuprep claims coolnerd, and skank ho and coolnerd have a falling out. Can they reclaim the lust they once shared?

Reaction – Lots of smelling and touchy-feely going on in this tale of hormones and high school cliques. And apparently the characters skipped English class the day contractions were covered. Aside from the implausible jealousy scheme, this YA book had some riveting scenes, including a suspenseful OD scene, and a harrowing beating scene. A couple supporting characters added charm, and the ending was well-executed.

Recommendation – You are taking your chances with this hit and miss book.

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Dollhouse / Anya Allyn

Synopsis – Four teens take a hike in a forest to complete a class assignment. When one of them goes missing, the other three decide to camp out in the forest to find her. The teens are kidnapped and held prisoner in a giant underground dollhouse. They now live with other kidnapped girls in the dark, cold, and damp twilight zone. Can they survive being drugged and malnourished long enough to execute their escape?

Reaction – Three teens camping out in a forest unsupervised is a bit implausible, but once the story got into the actual dollhouse, the mood and pace fell into place. Lots of teen angst and suffering. This YA book slowly immersed itself into the fantasy genre as the teens spent more time underground. A slow start, magical middle, and abrupt ending. Note – the version I read is no longer available on Amazon, and this book is not a standalone book, but rather the first one in a series.

Recommendation – You’re taking your chances with this hit and miss book.

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  1. Meh. I’ve never been crazy about YA in general, even when I was a teenager – teenage angst just doesn’t do it for me.


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