Rosemary’s Baby (book 56)

Rosemary’s Baby / Ira Levine

Synopsis – Rosemary desperately wants to have a baby. The time is right, and everything is in place. She’s married to a loving, successful man. They have enough money, a coveted spacious apartment, and dear, doting neighbors. And now Rosemary’s husband is finally on board with delivering a baby. But something’s not right with the pregnancy. Come to think of it, nothing is quite right, including the fact that the pregnancy is the result of rape. How could Rosemary’s sweet, caring husband rape her while she was passed out? Well, maybe he wasn’t the actual rapist, but he’s not off the hook… And never mind that, she’s several months along and rape is the least of her worries. Seems Rosemary and her rapey hubby aren’t the only ones who desperately want a baby…

Reaction – A great book to read if you like to explore “what if” scenarios. Rosemary seems incredibly a bit daft at times, but I was able to attribute that to the influence of love and pregnancy hormones. And all the drugs her caretakers were giving her. This story is skillfully written and palpable, with a sinister plot and believable characters. Read this for breathless suspense and an ending that leaves you hanging…

Recommendation – This book renewed my will to live.

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