Crash / From the Wreckage (books 60 and 61)

Crash / Michael Robertson

Synopsis – After the European economy completely crashes, electricity and water are shut off, jobs become nonexistent, the police and government are dismantled, and the 99% rise against the 1%. Or so it seems. As in any mass crisis situation, a specific demographic jumps at the chance to loot, pillage, rape, torture, and murder with impunity. From a window in his once posh home, a (former) 1%-er watches a gang of brutal thugs destroy his neighbors’ homes, torture and murder the males and the pets, and imprison the females as rape slaves in a cage in the back of their truck. With his young son at his side, and his wife and daughter mysteriously gone, the 1%-er must make a series of decisions which will have the lowest high chance of fulfilling the unimaginable suffering he and his son face. Not easy to do when you’ve slowly watched your family fall apart, you’re trapped in a freezing cold house, slowly starving, and the bad guys are strolling up your driveway…

Reaction – This is a very violent book. Yes, it can easily be classified as torture porn, but the violence and gore are broken into manageable (in my opinion) chunks by the interspersion of ridiculously humorous pre-crash flashbacks. Robertson knows my brand of humor. Stereotypical characters and no satisfying character arcs in this one. Not for the easily queasy. For ironed-lined stomachs only.

Recommendation – You’re taking your chances with this hit and miss book.

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From the Wreckage / Stacy Stanford

Synopsis – Head Cheerleader Buffy can’t wait to start her senior year of high school with her two besties and cheerleadin’ side-kicks. Together, The Three MuskeCheers will rule the school! Yea-Rah! But who knew a tornado would rip through town, destroying the high school and killing one of Buffy’s besties? What’s a Head Cheerleader to do‽ She’s got to keep on keepin’ on in her super cute and sexy cheerleading outfit with the short skirt that flips up in the back when a breeze or a tornado blows by. Not only that, she’s got to break up with her wealthy and handsome golden boy captain of the football team boyfriend, and make a play for the mysterious and broody motorcycle-riding loner (but not totally creepy because he was once part of the popular clique) handsome bad boy. Yeah-Rah!

Reaction – An eye-rolling-ly ditzy book. Lots of teen hormone-fueled leering and groping, and lots of intertwining fingers and skirt flipping. Lots of texting. The characters are stereotypes, but they’re fun. The storyline held my interest for its bubble gum-popping teen angst entertainment. A fun fluff book for YA fans.

Recommendation – You’re taking your chances with this hit and miss book.

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  1. Hm, gore and brainless cheerleaders. Thanks for steering me away from these ones… 😉


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