Life Blood / The Devil’s Dream: A Nightmare / Crazy in Paradise (books 62, 63, and 64)

Life Blood / Thomas Hoover

Synopsis – A documentary filmmaker who is trying to get pregnant investigates a mysterious adoption agency. If her on again, off again boyfriend can’t get her pregnant, maybe she’ll adopt one of the Aryan babies the adoption agency is churning out. But first she must follow the Svengali-like agency head to the rainforest of Central America to uncover the mystery of his baby factory, and to rescue her zombified cousin and zombified part-time boyfriend, who have also got mixed up in the cookie cutter baby business. Can she solve the mystery, save her peeps, survive the zombification drugs, and get pregnant all at the same time?

Reaction – The story started out fairly believable, but just got more ridiculous with each new plot twist. All the characters were simplistic, and the motivations and actions were puzzling. Once the main character was in the clutches of the baby doctor, she seemed to develop superhuman strength and endurance to overcome repeated drugging and lack of nourishment. A predictable ending. But overall, the storyline was entertaining, in an eye-rolling sort of way… a fun read.

Recommendation – You’re taking your chances with this hit and miss book.

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The Devil’s Dream: A Nightmare / David Beers

Synopsis – The mind of the world’s most intellectually gifted person – a former wunderkind turned mad scientist – escapes the most ultra maximum security mind prison again, this time via a rapist’s body. He has one goal – to wreak vengeful destruction and death to payback the uncaring world that let his son be slain. And there’s no stopping him, if he can focus less on raping and more on his own vengeance. He’s played the game before, and this time, he has the advantage of experience. He’ll destroy the Sun, which will, in turn, destroy the Earth, and of course, everybody on it. He can do that, you know – he’s an evil über genius.

Reaction – Lots of suspense, and lots of repetition. Lucky for me, I enjoy repetition. It gets me in the groove of the storyline, like listening to the beat of a catchy tune. Well-written psychological horror. I enjoyed peeking into the mind of a serial killer who was cohabitating in the same body with a serial rapist, and somehow, the serial rapist’s abusive grandmother. The interplay between the personalities was the perfect mix of horror and humor. A solid read for fans of “mad scientist” stories served with gore.

Recommendation – This book renewed my will to live.

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Crazy in Paradise / Deborah Brown

Synopsis – A divorcée inherits her aunt’s house and rental property in Florida. So she packs her cat and makes the move to the Keys for a new life of fun and sun. But wait, that’s not all she inherits. Seems her dead aunt left a houseful of metaphorical baggage for this heir to sort through. Before she even unpacks, she has a mysterious new boyfriend, a dangerous new best friend, a roster of riffraff tenants, and a scumbag attorney who wants her dead. And all her new peeps are connected to her dead aunt. But how? Nobody is telling. Looks like she’ll have to unlock this mystery herself.

Reaction – My eyes nearly rolled into the back of my head reading this one. The characters were groaningly one-dimensional. The action was stupefyingly implausible. And the motivations were as nuanced as a jackhammer. The main character wasn’t relatable or sympathetic in that she seemed to be a pre-programmed bot, lacking any common sense, logic, or reasoning ability. A few funny scenes in this easy read. But not even Florida Man, Florida Woman, and Florida Cat could save this floozy doozy of a book. Read for incredulity only.

Recommendation – I guess some people would find this book worthwhile in some universe somewhere.

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  1. I always enjoy your book reviews! Sometimes because they send me off to grab a new book, and sometimes because they make me think, “Whew, dodged that bullet.” 😉


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