Strings / Black Jasmine (books 68 and 69)

Strings / Allison M. Dickson

Synopsis – A prostitute has one last client to service to pay off the brothel madam. Really big money for a really fun time. Except this particular trick is only fun for the client. For Nina, it’s the worst nightmare she can imagine times 100. Only it’s not a nightmare, it’s now her life. If only she had taken the deaths of the client’s previous brothel girls seriously. If only she had escaped with the Madam’s reluctant chauffeur. If  only the Madam hadn’t been such a heartless sex slave-driver. If only… But what goes around comes around in the end, right… ?

Reaction – Chock full of graphic violence and gore, including various forms of torture and rape, but surprisingly readable, by sheer virtue of the bad guy being a bit unbelievable. He’s a spider man who gets around his creepful, crap-filled house of horrors via a ceiling rope system. And he somehow pulls his wheeled, stuffed corpse collection around with strings while he’s crawling around the ceiling webbing. Furthermore, the main characters make a series of Very Bad Decisions which left me wondering if they were intellectually challenged. But this book is thoroughly suspenseful, and the stakes keep climbing with each new plot twist. Lots of eyeball-popping. A must-read for hard-core horror fans who enjoy a bit of the fantastical.

Recommendation – This book renewed my will to live.

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Black Jasmine / Toby Neal

Synopsis – A cop in Hawaii investigates the cliffside death of a Jane Doe. As the suicide investigation turns into a homicide investigation, Lei struggles to balance the demands of her career, her live-in boyfriend, her workout schedule, and her dog. Not to mention the demands of being run off the road, barely escaping her house burning down, and confronting her childhood rapist. And somehow she still manages to get some nookie in every other day, even with her concussions and bruises.

Reaction – Predictable characters and plenty of action. The main character was unbelievably resilient and sexually insatiable. The story held my interest like a roadside wreck holds my interest. The rapist confrontation subplot was a fizzle, and the ending was a fizzle. I did, however, appreciate the accurate descriptions of the Hawaiian countryside and the native Hawaiian culture.

Recommendation – You’re taking your chances with this hit and miss book.

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  1. These are hilarious reviews!

  2. Thanks! These are hilarious books! XD

  3. Hmmm. Another two that won’t make it onto my to-read pile. Sixty-nine books down, a bazillion to go…

  4. Glad to make a nano dent in your “potentials” pile. 😉


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