Post Office / Preta’s Realm (books 74 and 75)

Post Office / Charles Bukowski

synopsis – Chinaski (Bukowski) is a hard workin’, hard drinkin’, hard farkin’, hard drinkin’ man. And he drinks. A lot. After stumbling into a job at a post office, he endures over a decade of menial government employment and abuse. After all, he needs to feed his alcohol addiction, and despite his demons, Chinaski has a knack for postal work. Between drinking binges, he somehow manages to get married, get divorced, have a baby, and keep his liver functioning.

reaction – This book read as a somewhat embellished retrospective of Bukowski’s adult life before he became a poet and novelist. The casual tone and structure of the novel melded perfectly with Bukowski’s real life persona of the sloppy, arrogant artiste. “I’ll roll out of bed, down some hair of the dog, take a cab to my poetry reading, vomit in the hallway, stumble onto the stage, and wow the audience with my genius.” And he did, I saw the video. A quick, confounding, voyeuristic read.

recommendation – This book renewed my will to live.

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Preta’s Realm / J. Thorn

synopsis – Drew is your average American family man. He works a tolerable office job to pay the bills and pay his taxes. Good on him, he’s keeping it together. Until the mysterious emails start coming. And two of his co-workers turn up missing. And he suspects his best friend and his wife have betrayed him. Poor Drew. That’s just the start of his trip into the generations-spanning curse on his family. An unholy entity from the past needs to feed, and Drew is just the human to cater the unholy feast.

reaction – This book does a great job of describing a descent into madness without the reader realizing what’s actually happening. The monster is vividly and unusually disgusting. Several twists and turns and some horror-humor, which I always enjoy. The ending is unexpected, and is an obvious cliffhanger. Overall, a solid horror story for horror fans.

recommendation – This book renewed my will to live.

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  1. Wow, looks as though you’ve hit a vein of success – two good ‘uns in a row! You must be relieved. 😉

  2. Yes, I’d put both Bukowski and Thorn in the “long-haul writer” category. It seems to make a difference when the writer has a long-term serious commitment to writing. With some of these other writers, I’ve wondered if they were writing for fun only.

  3. I read Preta’s Realm, and I still don’t know how I feel about it. LOL

  4. Yeah, it’s one of those “and now read the next book in the series” books. But at the end of the day, my will to live was renewed. 🙂


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