NaNo-ing My Compost Pile



This NaNo will be my most autobiographical NaNo yet. I will write “Meatful Things”* next month, the story of me and my compost pile, and all the things that did could go wrong… So how many ways can a compost pile go wrong? After all, nature makes compost piles every day, all around the world. Business as usual…




You add people.


I mean, unless you add the wills and whims of people into the making of a compost pile.


So what goes into the compost pile? Apple cores and onions skins?




Coffee grounds and tea leaves?




Bacon grease and chicken bones?


Well, that’s not recommended.


But pigs and chickens decompose in nature just fine.


Well… OK.


How about litter box crap and offal from the neighbor’s hunting trip?


No way! But I see you’ve already taken the liberty… I see the compost pile is steaming and teeming with flies…


Yep, back to nature. How about I add-


No! Don’t say anything more! The compost pile is out of control. I don’t wanna know what you’re gonna add next…


It’s my spookiest NaNo to date, and it’s in the spirit of the season. Speaking of compost piles and Halloween, these creations are gonna end up in my decomposition pile in a few days…




Like this guy…

Fall sunflower.

Fall sunflower.


In the meantime, wanna stalk me and my NaNo-ed compost pile? Click here!

 If you can’t wait until “Meatful Things” is fully decomposed finished and available, here are 11 spooky bedtime stories, just in time for Halloween…

And how about treating yourself for Halloween? Check out these short story anthologies (I have a story in each) – a different theme for each collection:

Theme-Thology: Invasion

Theme-Thology: Day I Died

Theme-Thology: New Myths

Theme-Thology: Real World Unreal


*Loosely based on true events.


11-30-14 UPDATE:


Winner, winner, compost dinner!

50117 words of compost!

I rule compost!


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  1. I have a fond compost pile memory. I worked on a sprout farm. On those actually chilly — even cold — mornings in Texas, climbing on top of the farm’s compost pile with the roto tiller was always great. The pile was warm, and FOOM…it was like the earth opened up and spilled out its heat. It was a good pile, and never smelled foul.

    It was a compost pile gone right. I look forward to hearing how a compost pile can go wrong…

    • Yes, in sharp contrast to your sprout farm, a compost pile can, and will, go very, very wrong. It’s said the road to Hell is paved with good intentions… Now imagine where bad intentions lead…

  2. I can’t wait to read it!

  3. I’ll look forward to your story, but I’m afraid I may never go near my backyard compost pile again…


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