Submerged (book 77)

Submerged / Cheryl Kaye Tardif

synopsis – Marcus is recovering drug addict who sees the ghosts of his death wife and son, and is also a 911 operator. Rebecca is a recovering battered woman and mother in the throes of a divorce. When she is run off the road with her two children in the backseat, he is their only chance at being rescued from a slow, watery death. But the hero’s work is far from done. Now Marcus must save Rebecca from attempt #2 on her life. Will his ghostly wife help him save Rebecca again?

reaction – Strong suspense and intriguing characters. I enjoyed the straightforward treatment of the flawed addict and the back-and-forth scene changes between Marcus and Rebecca. But the further I read, the more annoyed I became with the inappropriate flirting between the rescuee and the rescuer while the actual rescue was taking place. Who calls 911 and flirts with the operator while they’re about to drown in a river? A number of long, drawn-out conversations and an implausible sting operation toward the end. Read this if you’re into sappy romances with no sex scenes.

recommendation – You’re taking your chances with this float and sink book.

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  1. Wow, you’ve still got time to review books while you’re NaNo-ing – I’m impressed! Too bad this one didn’t turn out to be worth it.

    • We’ll see if I win NaNo AND hit my goal of 104 books read / reviewed by the year’s end…

      And some of these hit-miss books are entertaining, like watching a B movie. 😉


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