Lost Child / Billy (books 84 and 85)

Lost Child / David Story

synopsis – A little girl, on a Christmas tree trek with her brother and daddy, is lured away with a magic pine cone by the Devil so that he may steal her soul. But never fear, the Jesus-God-Angel swoops in to save the day. With the help of the girl’s family and some random church employees, the Jesus-God-Angel teaches everyone a holy lesson in faith, and that you shouldn’t call the police when your child goes missing. Not because the police will beat you down, but because the police aren’t the Jesus-God-Angel. You just gotta pray to the Jesus-God-Angel.

reaction – A very heavy-handed Christian theme. Almost no character development, and a predictable ending. A chore to read – like a Hallmark holiday special, but with even less depth and originality. I kept hoping for a redeeming twist at the end, but predictably, it didn’t come. Maybe because I just didn’t pray.

recommendation – Only my in-laws would appreciate this bag of bleached circus peanuts. Nobody else in any other universe would glean a molecule of enjoyment from this nonsense-in-any-genre book.

get it herehttp://www.amazon.com/Lost-Child-max-adventure-Novelette-ebook/dp/B00H0M7LFI


Billy / Shaun Whittington

synopsis – A dad turns into a hero when he saves most of his son’s classmates from a deranged, knife-wielding killer. But now the hero has PTSD and turns into a zero. Can this anti-social drunk who watches too much TV turn his life around? Can he learn to live with his hero-turned-zero fame? Maybe all he has to do is willfully remember the day he turned into a hero instead of trying to forget.

reaction – A very awkward read. As a rule, I try not to review books by the number of grammatical errors, but dayum. Being familiar with PTSD, I somewhat identified with the main character. The hero / zero journey was suspenseful enough to keep me wading through the sentence salad rambles. A random, wandering read with an anti-climactic ending.

recommendation – I suppose some people in some universe somewhere would find this book worthwhile.

get it herehttp://www.amazon.com/Billy-novelette-Shaun-Whittington-ebook/dp/B00BBE4WM6


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  1. At least I got a good laugh from your reviews! Sounds like that was the best part of both these turkeys.

    • Yeah, I hope I wasn’t too hard on “Lost Child,” by associating it with my in-laws. And it’s funny, I’ve immensely enjoyed other books by the author of “Billy.” Go figure.

      • It’s always disappointing when you’re expecting another great read and it’s only… meh. Too bad about that.

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