A Winter Heart / While It Was Snowing (books 93 and 94)

A Winter Heart / Annette Blair

synopsis – Since losing her baby, husband, and sister in a buggy accident, Hannah has had a winter heart. With Caleb – similar deal. He lost his wife to cancer-induced suicide, and now his baby has turned into a screecher. Cue ghost of Hannah’s sister… She’ll lead Caleb to Hannah and they’ll get married. Too bad Hannah’s already been promised to another. Only another baby could possibly set things right. Cue baby… Er, where’s the baby? Cue Amish poontang already…

reaction – This is an Amish romance novel. Every element is straight up Amish. And so… this has a long, drawn-out, Amish sex scene. It read exactly as I thought it would read – Amish sex described for the Amish. Lyrical, a bit skittish, but also gentlemanly and lady-like, while avoiding all those secular sex words, and embracing the Godliness of the Amish baby-making act. Groaningly awkward. (Or is the “awkwardly groaning”?) I actually laughed out loud more than a few times. Moving on, a predictable storyline and a shrug of an ending. Read if you enjoy Amish poontang, or if you just want a few laughs.*

recommendation – You’re taking your chances with this hit and miss book.

get it here http://www.amazon.com/Winter-Heart-Sensual-Historical-Novella-ebook/dp/B008SNT430

*No offense intended for any Amish people reading this over a non-Amish person’s shoulder. You guys are great. Except when you join the Amish mafia and cut each others’ hair.


While It Was Snowing / Elyssa Patrick

synopsis – Curvaceous candy-maker Felicity and her BFF nerdy accountant Harry have a cabin in the woods for a winter weekend. Will hot and horny Felicity be able to seduce her OCDed shy guy? Should you sign a sex contract before sexing your BFF? Never mind all that – will whipped cream stain hardwood? You can write your own joke with that one!

reaction – Because Harry was described as a bespectacled, lean, numbers guy, and (redundantly) as both sexy and nerdy, I kept picturing science god Lawrence Krauss as Harry. Rawr. So yeah, I couldn’t wait to turn the pages and see “Krauss” described in all his virulent glory whether “Krauss” would be as charming offstage as on. Turns out Krauss Harry was a virgin, and not ready to blind anybody with science have sex with another person. Written with humor and passion. Read for a quick tease.

recommendation – You’re taking your chances with this hit and miss book which renewed my will to live.

get it herehttp://www.amazon.com/While-Was-Snowing-Elyssa-Patrick-ebook/dp/B00IW9DNG4


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  1. Holy Caleb’s cucumber! Amish romance (including sex scenes)! CM – you are doing yeoman’s work here, for all us sinners. Are you working from a list? I can’t recall. But I am enjoying each of your synopses, even when I don’t comment. However, I *had* to comment on this one! Take good care. B

    • LOL Actually, “holy Caleb’s cucumber” would’ve been too risqué for “A Winter Heart.” 😉 The most graphic terms used were “his sex” and “her center.”

      No preplanned list here – I pick out my books to read as I go, either from books I already have (but haven’t yet read) or from books I find via my “free or $1 ebook alert” newsletters.

  2. Yikes. You are a brave woman indeed. Considering your ratio of good reads to, erm, Amish cucumbers (thanks for that one, Bob) this year, I’m surprised you’re still trying. I would have curled into fetal position long ago.

    • A lot of cucumbers out there, but at least a few of those are good for a laugh. 🙂 My early takeaway is just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should!


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