Fear / Run (books 95 and 96)

Fear / L. Ron Hubbard (Yes, that L. Ron Hubbard.)

synopsis – Professor Lowry, a rational man, writes and publishes an article pointing out the irrationality of demons and angels. Then curiously, he loses his hat along with the last four hours of his life. Soon after, things really start to get freaky. Seems an alternate reality has opened up around him. Even his wife and his best friend somehow aren’t the same. Have the demons and angels decided to toy with him? Or has something more sinister transpired? Maybe Professor Lowery isn’t so rational after all…

reaction – A fantastical tale about an everyman’s decent into a psychological breakdown. Sympathetic, engaging characters, and a tumbling, tumultuous plot. I thought I had it all pegged, but at the very end, BAM, a twist I did not see coming. All the while I thought I was indulging a fantasy novel, but the conclusion hit me like an ice-cold splash of reality. An a-ha moment. No wonder Mr. Hubbard was so successful as a cult leader.

recommendation – This book renewed my will to live.

get it here http://www.amazon.com/Fear-L-Ron-Hubbard-ebook/dp/B008Y8CGPM


Run / Blake Crouch

synopsis – Mysterious lights appear in the night sky. Soon after, a rash of murders. Then the shooting sprees. And it only escalates. Those who saw the lights are the “affected.” And those who aren’t affected are now on the run – like the members of the Colclough family. But is the young Cole Colclough affected? How far and for how long must they run from the roving mobs who want to capture, torture, and kill them? What are the limits of physical and psychological endurance when your house, your car, your food, and your water have been taken away, and you’re forced to watch yourself and your family slowly dying? Will you have the strength of mind to end the misery?

reaction – This is the most fearfully suspenseful book I’ve ever read. Real, tangible characters and non-stop edge-of-seat momentum. Passages of breath-taking terror interspersed with breath-taking descriptions of the American West countryside. The luck afforded to the Colcloughs is written believably. Mercifully, and wisely, no rape scenes in this one. In the horror genre, this is how suspense is done. I will be reading more of Crouch’s novels.

recommendation – This book renewed my will to live.

get it herehttp://www.amazon.com/Run-Blake-Crouch-ebook/dp/B004PGNF0W


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  1. “Fear” has long been on my ‘favorites shelf’. Great twist, as you say, and overall, very well-written.

    I’ve been meaning to get to “Run” and some other Crouch stories but haven’t gone there yet. Your review of “Run” is the impetus I need – it sounds super.

    Thanks CM!

    • You’re welcome, Bob!

      I knew Hubbard was a sci fi writer before he started his cult, but I didn’t know just how good his writing was until now. I appreciated his unfettered imagination in “Fear.” It had a certain confident causalness… As for Crouch – I’ve traveled the American West highways and been to many of the sites accurately described in “Run,” so the story was all more more real to me. Crouch has a gift of giving you just enough information to put you in the story without dictating your own experience of it.

  2. Wow, two winners! I’ll have to put them on my TBR list – no reading for me until I finish Spy High this week.

    You’re almost there…

    • Yes, these two are awesome books. 🙂 Now I’m chugging away at an 8-book set to round out the year…

      And I look forward to “Spy High”!

  3. I LOVE Blake Crouch. I haven’t read this one yet. Have you read his Wayward Pines series?


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