What’s the next level for writing?


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Writers and readers, would you like your books to be written at the next level? That is, written not by a human, but by an artificial intelligence?


Good, because it’s coming. It’s here.


Too bad, because soon robots will take writer’s jobs (everybody’s jobs).

In the meantime, here’s a website that lets you ease into a world without human fiction writers:


This site has a list of links (on the left side) which lets you generate “random” story elements, such as story titles, character descriptions, and dialogue.

I played around a bit, and here’s what I got:

Title: Poisoned Forest


Town Name: Tombminster


Character Name #1: Elaine Barnes (mixed and matched first / last names with Janice Wilkinson)

Character Description: A selfish 60 year-old woman

Traits: shy, unkind, materialistic

Job Title: Lighthouse Keeper

Character Name #2: Janice Wilkinson (mixed and matched first / last names with Elaine Barnes)

Character Description: A helpful 33 year-old woman

Traits:  idealistic, decisive, compassionate

Job Title: Surveyor


Quickie Plot:

The story begins in a church crypt
Someone mistakenly believes s/he has killed someone
It’s a story about learning from mistakes
Your character offers to lend a helping hand


Random Dialogue (hacked this a bit):

“You came back!”

“Please don’t argue. You have to leave right now, you aren’t safe here.”

“This isn’t just about you. It’s about what’s best for all of us.”


List of 3 Random Words:

education ghost coffin


List of 8 Random Words (more=merrier):



More intriguing random stuff (I forget which links I clicked):

The old house, with its wildly overgrown garden, was silent, secretive

An imaginative 66 year-old woman, who comes from a poor background, lives in a terraced house and tends to be a little clumsy.

A generous 33 year-old woman, who comes from a poor background, lives in a caravan and tends to drink too much.


So if you’re looking for story prompts, check it out. I’m going to put the above in a back burner folder and use it as a springboard for a future story, robots be damned. But in the meantime, feel free to jump on any of the random elements I found for your own stories.

Writer and multi-leveled castle-dweller Tom Merriman provided the theme for this post; thanks, Tom!

For a comprehensive list of partial and full stories, click here.

So my computer started a conversation with me…


Time for another author interview! This time the author is yours truly, and the occasion the inclusion of my story “NANO NATION” in the debut Theme-Thology anthology INVASION.

This anthology project is a G+ coalition led by “Adjacent Fields” author Charles Barouch. Working as part of a writing coalition has been a surprisingly rewarding exercise in creative collaboration. The 15 stories in this e-book cover a diversity of writing styles and theme interpretations, and the quality of writing is spectacular.

Check out the G+ community, it’s open to everybody – writer, reader, or otherwise: Theme-Thology Community on G+.

For the interview questions, I hopped over to Conversation Starters and grabbed the first 10 queries which popped up. Here’s the resulting interview between my computer, (MC) and myself, (CM):

MC: If you found a $100 what would you do?

CM: I believe you mean, “If you found a $100 bill, what would you do?” But you’re probably just nervous about interviewing a Theme-Thology author, so I’ll let it slide. Anyway, I would get 33 copies of Theme-Thology: INVASION, give them to key members of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and keep $1.33 for myself. Maybe put it in my savings, but probably not.

MC: Who is the most famous person you have met?

CM: When I was in grade school I met a YA author, I forget her name now. But I think she was at least locally famous. I asked her for her autograph, and she was quite rude in her refusal. Soon I’ll be an accomplished author, having gotten my start in the Theme-Thology anthologies. And when she comes asking for my autograph, I will simply laugh.

OK I just now tried to find her name online. It’s hard to find a name when you don’t have… the name. Ah well, she probably died long ago of an over-inflated ego, poor thing.

MC: What is a short/long term goal of yours?

CM: My short term goals are pretty much the same as my long term goals. I hope to continue to contribute to the Theme-Thology anthologies, and to publish my own full-length novels. I’ll be participating in my fourth National Novel Writing Month this November, and submitting one of my novels to an indie publisher this fall.

MC: If you could choose your last meal, what would it be?

CM: A cocktail of nano-bots, of course. The ‘bots would save me.

MC: What was your favorite subject in school?

CM: In high school, I took a vocabulary class. One day the teacher had an altercation with one of the students. The student slammed her textbooks to the floor and stormed out of the room. Turns out it was a set-up. The teacher explained the set-up and questioned the class about what they had witnessed. An interesting experiment, especially considering it was a vocabulary class. Surely this had something to do with my development as a writer, though I’m not sure what.

MC: Do you play any sports?

CM: Er… I’m an apopudobalia pro, and a novice at eschaton.

MC: What is the best thing that happened to you this week?

CM: Begrudgingly, I would have to say an allergy attack. Allergy season is upon me. Country living + nano-particulates + me = an explosion of sneezing, swelling, and itching. I look forward to the ‘bots. They’ll cure me.

Oh, you said “best”? Sorry, I’m on meds. Zyrtec was the best.

MC: What drink do you usually order with your food?

CM: Ah, the writers are drinkers question. Let’s see… “order”? That would indicate I’m in a restaurant, or my imaginary servants are doting on me. Microbrew or imported beer. I usually prefer organic hefeweizen. If they don’t have my brand, I’ll order wine, I’m not picky. Organic, fair-trade, non-GM, and not too dry.

MC: Do you prefer to take baths or showers?

CM: Seriously? Can we get back on topic? I’m in an anthology. Who takes baths anyway?

MC: What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

CM: Yeah, right. Like I would ever divulge that to a computer. How about I tell you the craziest thing my NANO NATION character Rachel has ever done – she let herself be injected with nanobots. She’s usually such a cautious person, and she hesitated at first, but Terrill was quite persuasive. I’d even say he was manipulative. Or maybe it was he that was being manipulated


The ebook INVASION is available at Amazon HERE

and at Kobo HERE

and even at B&N HERE

Should you dare to save yourself…

Wanna Make a Mini Movie?


Motivated by a couple men in gorilla suits (AKA Christopher Gronlund and Shawn Kupfer), I decided to dig out my WIP for a mini movie about a work-at-home phone sex operator who gets a call from an ET.

Focus Features via Media.Philly.com

I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in.


This is 1950’s monster movie camp meets 2010’s online democratized content. Now while I fully admit that this mini movie idea is awesome as vegan chocolate sauce, I also fully admit that I, as an artist, am only 1 person (2 if you count my impromptu amateur videographer husband), I have little movie-making know-how, and I don’t have access to a movie set. So, this is where you come in, brave, creative, online content democratization enthusiast! Wanna get in the spirit of artistic collaboration and contribute to a fun, freaky, sci fi mini movie?

Here’s how this will work:

1. Anybody (18+) can help do this! You may contribute, via email, as little or as much as you’d like to any of the following, provided the contribution is original, and follows the premise of the movie:

a. a written scene in the movie script

b. an actual filmed scene in the movie

c. film editing, special effects, graphics and titles

2. If you contribute useable content, your contribution – in full or in part – will end up in the movie.

3. If you contribute, you will be credited in the movie credits (unless you want to remain anonymous).

4. The movie, when complete, will be available for public viewing on youtube, and will be submitted to Stoneham Cinema.

5. There’s no monetary compensation for contributing, this is an amateur artistic collaboration, and an experiment in content democratization.

6. Production and final editing decisions are reserved for me. (Somebody’s gotta do it.)

Need some inspiration to help you be a brave, creative mini movie collaborator? Check out these gorilla suited links to democratized content sources. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

So, now that your head is spinning, wanna contribute to a fun, goofy, non-professional, experimental, indie mini movie? (hint – “Heck, yeah!”) Email me for more details.


BTW, check out this flash fiction anthology. You may have read one of the included stories here first!